Upcoming Events

Visit this page from time to time and stay updated with the latest workshops, events and retreats.

 16th March – 6th April 2020

Join me on a journey of 4 TRE sessions, where you will learn to enable your body’s intelligence and it’s ability to self-regulate, balance and relax from everyday stress or traumatic events.

April – June 2021

Join me for a series of 12 group sessions, where we will be exploring your relational needs and learn how to create more meaningful relationships.

8th December 2019

Join me on a journey of Shadow work 👥, where we’ll delve into the Unconscious and connect with hidden parts of our Self.
We will explore the work of Carl Jung, by diving deep into the Shadow Archetype, owning parts of us that we’ve come to fear, hate or reject, moving towards a healthier more grounded and balanced Self.