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Psychologist - Psychotherapist Alina Ciorica
Psychologist - Psychotherapist Alina Ciorica

My name is Alina and I trained as a Psychologist and Integrative Psychotherapist.

I’ve earned a Bachelor in Psychology and two Master’s degree, one in Integrative Psychotherapy and one in Organizational Psychology.

I am also a certified Tension & Trauma Release Provider (or TRE®), and I’m happy to introduce this somatic therapy in Malta, facilitating both private and group sessions.

I specialize in trauma therapy, relational therapy and somatic therapy. My vision of Psychotherapy and personal development is integrative, and my work is about supporting people in finding their authentic self and creating healthy relationships with themselves and others.

A passionate Psychotherapist based in Malta, specialized in the treatment of Stress, Trauma, Anxiety and Depression. First warranted Integrative Psychotherapist in Malta.

I specialize in trauma therapy, relational psychotherapy somatic therapy.

My vision of Psychotherapy and mental health is Integrative and my work is about supporting people in finding their authentic self and creating healthy relationships with themselves and others.

With more than 8 years of counselling and therapeutic experience in a wide-range of capacities, I’m skilled at tailoring my approach to the unique needs of each of my clients.

My professional journey began in 2007 when I decided to study for a Bachelor in Psychology. After this, I’ve earned two Masters degree, one focused on Organizational & Career Psychology and the other on Integrative Psychotherapy. Additionally, I have completed my training and certification in Trauma & Tension Release Exercises (or TRE®).

I’ve worked and studied with some inspiring people, including Ken Evans and Joanna Hewitt Evans, Angela Carr, Marusa Zaletel, and my TRE® Mentor and Trainer, Fiona Leibowitz.

I’m originally from Romania. In the spring of 2017 I’ve moved to Malta and made it my home. Here I’ve followed a career in Human Resources, as a Career consultant and soft-skills trainer.

However, my passion has guided me back to Psychotherapy and Somatic therapy.

I’m also carrying out different projects, such as:

– Personal development facilitator at Migrant Women Association Malta (MWAM),

– Personal development workshops (Integrating the Shadow self),

TRE groups  and private sessions.

I am also collaborating with the British Embassy in Malta, where I hold Supervision and Counseling sessions with the Consular staff, to improve their wellbeing and mental health.

I am a warranted Integrative Psychotherapist based in Ta’Xbiex, certified by the Psychotherapy Profession Board in Malta.

I offer psychotherapy sessions, in English and Romanian language, face to face and online.


Learn how to live from the Inside Out

Integrative Therapy Malta is a project born out of a deep need to support well-being in my community, by offering an Integrative approach to personal development and self-growth, which includes a mind-body connection. I offer private therapy sessions and I also enjoy facilitating small groups (6-10 participants), through mindful meditation techniques, body work and somatic therapy (TRE), metaphors and guided visualization – assisting my clients in their journey of coming back HOME in their bodies and discovering their own inner resources.

I specialize in working with trauma and stress management.

We need to become aware that trauma is very common and everyone experiences it in their own way. Generally, trauma is considered any experience that is overwhelming the body (nervous system), or stressful situations that the body does not have the resources or time to integrate – and this can be either physical (body) or psychological (emotional) harm.

Integrative Therapy is a safe, balanced and grounded space, where we nurture and practice compassion and self-compassion, love and self-care, and we learn through somatic and mindful therapeutic modalities, how to restore and inspire a natural communication between the body and the brain.

I approach all of my clients with a sense of curiosity and wonder at the story that will unfold.

I developed in working with people who socially appear functional and balanced, but privately they’re hurting, feel lost or unhappy. Sometimes the source of these feelings is clearly known, other times it’s just waiting to be unveiled.

I believe that each therapy needs to be co-created and constructed for each client, as we all have a unique story. This is the main reason why I chose to follow an Integrative Psychotherapy training school, which I find to be a more flexible and inclusive approach.

I also enjoy working with people who are already feeling pretty grounded and balanced, and intend to keep it that way through regular and honest reflection.

I offer therapy sessions in English and Romanian language, both face-to-face and online (Skype/Zoom).

I recommend both traditional therapy sessions as well as online, and I feel both approaches can offer effective therapeutic relationships, where awareness and change can happen.

When you enter a therapy room, the rest of the world and responsibilities remain outside; traditional therapy sessions offer a physical safe space, where there is nothing more important than your process, and this experience can feel like resting and taking a break from work or relationship stresses.

Online therapy is available for you in your own home and in your own pace, offering a familiar and comfortable space, where you can focus on your therapeutic needs. 

Psychotherapist Alina Ciorica
Psychologist - Psychotherapist Alina Ciorica

But most important,

I love my job, I enjoy supporting people in discovering their own unique self and learn how to make the best out of life.