TRE® Group sessions

Honor your body’s need for rest and relaxation and join me for a series of three TRE® group sessions, where you will learn how to restore your body’s ability to self-regulate, balance and relax from everyday stress or traumatic events.


TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) is a somatic practice that enables your body’s intelligence and its ability to self-regulate and self-organize, through neurogenic tremors or vibration.  This helps your nervous system re-balance and reconnect with a sense of inner calm and ease.

A typical TRE® group session lasts approximately 90 min and consists of:

  • TRE® theoretical overview
  • Guided TRE® Exercises and tremor experience
  • Relaxation and integration time
  • Experience group sharing and inquiring moment

For more information on TRE® and its benefits, please visit our page Somatic Therapy or go on the official TRE® website 


We’ll be meeting for 4 consecutive Mondays. Sessions usually start at 17:30 and finish at 19:00.


Sessions will take place at the beautiful Yoga Space in Mosta. PLEASE NOTE that you will be receiving the exact location via email, after registration.


Spaces are limited – in order to save your seat, press Register and submit the application form. 

Your investment for all four sessions is €150.

You can also send your questions at and I will get in touch with you shortly. 


Please bring whatever you need to feel comfortable. We already have yoga mats, cushions, blankets, but I recommend you bring a favorite ball, roller, scarf, small towel, etc.
Dress comfortable so that you can move freely. Dressing in layers is also advisable, as you may feel cold or hot during the practice. Please bring a bottle of water – we do not allow glasses in the room. Also, bring something to keep your notes – a journal/notebook, paper and pen.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to this wonderful journey together,

Alina C.